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Ropes Course & Games

The following games and high elements can be included in our workshops. All activities will be lead by trained facilitators, who will introduce the activities and initiate the discussion at the activities’ conclusion. Activities will not be physically strenuous, will be fun, and will include a learning component. Games and initiatives can be conducted inside or outside. Each group will rotate through the following activities. All activities are challenge by choice. Approximately 30 minutes will be needed for introduction, transition and conclusion. The below list is an example of just a few of our offerings. All activies can be tailored to meet your individual needs.


The challenge is to determine a path across a giant checkerboard grid. A participant is allowed to move as far as they can, until they make an error. At this point, a new participant begins the journey, and attempts to make a better choice at the site of the last error.

Corporate Maze

The group is split into groups of four. Three of the participants are blindfolded and must be guided through a maze filled with obstacles by the sighted guide positioned on the outside of the maze.

A Work of Art

A participant creates a work of art using a variety of materials provided by the facilitator. The remaining participants form a long line. At the end of the line the last participant facing away from the line must duplicate the work of art based on verbal communication passed down the line.

The Climbing Wall

Three participants climb a wall together. The remaining participants are responsible for belaying.

A Collection of Knots

The team is asked to pick up a rope containing a variety of knots. The objective is to untie the knots without letting go of the rope.

Ultimate Challenege

The team is presented with the challenge of being blindfolded within an enclosed area and unable to speak. They must retrieve an object from the enclosure and exit in alphabetical order.

Stick in the Box

A fun activity usually used in the beginning. The team is given the challenge of finding a distinct stick within a designated area. The stick is located in a clearly obvious location not normally considered by the participant.